The Plant California Alliance is an association of professionals who bring plants and landscape supplies to Californians and the world.

Membership includes industries such as:

  • Farmers/growers
  • Urban agriculturists
  • Wholesalers
  • Retail garden centers
  • Landscape/garden suppliers
  • Horticulturalists
  • Agricultural Manufacturers
  • Educators/Researchers. 

The Plant California Alliance is devoted to promoting and protecting the California nursery industry by:

  • Raising awareness of the value nurseries and landscaping brings to California.
    Supporting industry education, plant research and career development.
    Representing California’s nursery industry with legislators and regulators.

Our members support the work of the Plant California Alliance through a voluntary fee and are united in the belief that a strong, viable nursery industry is critical to life in California.


As part of your PCA membership, members will have access to additional solutions including:

  • Every PCA member will have access to Barkley’s comprehensive Compliance Check Program. The program will ensure that a company is meeting all of its Federal and State compliance requirements.
  • Barkley will cover 1 year of a company’s annual dues if the PCA Member participates in the HISIG program.
  • Complimentary access to Barkley’s Risk Management Center (RMC) that provides extensive support for employee training, record keeping, claims management, HR resources, and more.
  • PCA will receive a 10% of the net revenue generated by the sale of the PCA sponsored insurance products. These royalties will help the association broaden its industry and legislative influence and help increase the sponsorship programs.
  • All PCA Members will be provided a 25% discount on HR Consulting Services from HR|Bizz www.HRBizz.com

Current PCA Members Utilizing the HISIG Program:

  • Otto & Son’s Nursery
  • Belmont Nursery
  • Valley Growers Nursery
  • LaVerne Nursery

HISIG Members save up to 20% on premiums each year!

“Since joining the HISIG Program 6 years ago, Otto and Sons Nursery has been able to significantly lower our workers compensation costs. We’ve even received dividends from HISIG over the past three years equal to 7%-10% of our annual premium because of the group’s positive claims performance. I liked the idea of similar businesses getting together to help each other to control workers compensation costs.”

-Scott Klittich , Otto & Sons Nursery

Learn more about the HISIG Program:

Watch this short video to learn more about how the HISIG Program can benefit your company.

Learn more about HR|Bizz:

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For more information about PCA or to get started as a PCA Member, please contact:

Alexandria Stubblefield, Associate Director
916-441-3900 (office)

For more information or to get started utilizing your Barkley benefits, please contact:

Sean Copeland, Sr. VP Property & Casualty
805-585-5212 (office)