The application process can be intimidating.  Barkley will help you handle all of the paperwork and get your application sent to the DOL on your behalf.

The Barkley FLC team will assist you in getting your Orange & Blue cards issued.

The US DOL Wage and Hour Division issues two types of registration certificates; Orange Cards are issued to FLC companies and sole proprietors while Blue Cards are issued to FLC employees who supervise for a company that has an Orange Card.

FLCs must be authorized to transport farm workers.  Barkley will help you with all aspects of this process, including getting proper registrations, passing vehicle inspections, and completing all applications.  Barkley can also help you make sure you have the proper automobile insurance coverage.

TIP:  Transportation violations are one of the top reasons why FLCs and their growers receive fines and penalties from the US DOL.  

FLCs are required to be authorized by the US DOL in order to provide housing to agricultural workers.  In addition, housing authorization is a pre-requisite to obtaining a permit for H-2A workers.  This can be a challenging process and your Barkley FLC team is here to assist you.

All applicants must undergo a criminal background check and provide live scan fingerprints as part of the registration process.  Barkley can schedule the time and place on your behalf.

Need more information?  The US DOL governs the MSPA registrations and enforces compliance regulations.  Click on the link below to view important DOL government links and information related to MSPA.