COVID-19 Vaccine and Testing Mandates


We all have been invited to join several webinars regarding the new federal mandates.  We will be taking a different approach!  Rather than just listening to us tell you what is included in these mandates, we will also HELP YOU get them done!  We will provide you with easy and cost-effective solutions to make this as painless as possible.  Our compliance solutions kit is 100% complimentary with no strings attached.  Our goal is to help our communities get through this.

This discussion will focus on California-specific guidelines since we have rules unique to our state.  We will also provide an update on the current legal challenges.

What we will cover:

  • Details on the requirements
  • Deadlines for each mandate
  • How to create and implement a vaccine/testing policy
  • Record-keeping requirements
  • How to handle religious and/or medical exemptions 
  • What to do if an employee refuses to get vaccinated or test
  • What type of employees are exempt from the mandates (i.e. remote employees, employees who work exclusively outdoors) 
  • Who is really responsible to cover the cost of testing
  • How can employers easily provide testing for employees
  • What are the fines for non-compliance
  • Should employers with fewer than 100 employees be prepared to implement these policies

What solutions we can assist you with:

  • Create and implement new policies to be compliant
  • Audit and/or create your required COVID-19 Illness & Injury Prevention Plan
  • Get your employee handbook updated to include these new policies
  • Provide you with forms (exemptions, employee notices, on-site postings, etc.)
  • Options for on and off-site testing options

About Our Panelists

Rodney has over twenty years of  experience providing HR solutions for companies throughout the United States.  Mr. Bolton has been on the forefront of  COVID compliance, utilizing his extensive knowledge in HR Management.  Throughout his career, Rodney has proven to be a great resource for employers, law firms, colleges, and universities.

Dr. Harish Yalamanchilli is a highly trained and board certified general surgeon.  He practices general surgery and vein care at multiple locations within Southern California.  He currently serves as the Chair of Surgery for the 450 bed Pomona Valley Hospital, directly overseeing more than 70 surgeons.

In 2020, during the outbreak of the pandemic, he along with his wife, Brittaney Crock, and brother-in-law, Chris Crock, helped to open the first privately run COVID testing laboratory in Orange County, called The Testing Company.  Today, the fully-automated lab performs thousands of tests a day and has been recognized as a benchmark institution for COVID testing attesting to the high quality of services and science.  With offices serving all of Southern California, and with over 150 staff, The Testing Company has performed hundreds of thousands of tests with exemplary precision.

Sean has over twenty years experience assisting businesses in becoming more proficient in their risk assessment and risk management practices. As a Certified Risk Advisor (CRA), Sean has used his risk management and insurance knowledge over the course of the pandemic to provide businesses with OSHA required policies, procedures, and trainings to ensure compliance, as well as guide businesses on how to best mitigate exposures from COVID-19. Sean has worked with nearly every industry, with an emphasis in manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and agriculture.

Justin brings 18 years of Employee Benefits knowledge and experience to the Barkley Team.  He works closely with our clients to help them become more proficient with managing their employee benefits package by focusing on cost containment strategies, benchmarking and most importantly employee education and advocacy.  His experience in the insurance industry began at GE Financial where he worked with companies ranging from 10 to 5,000 employees. His knowledge in the area of claims management, underwriting, compliance, health care provider relations and risk management has successfully helped him manage his client’s overall insurance package.