We are committed to helping you be the best you can be, as a person and as an organization, especially during this time of transition.  Each week we will bring you some tips and tools to improve wellbeing for you, your organization and your employees.

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This Month's Recommended Wellbeing Articles

How to Cope With the “Start-Of-Workday” Blues

Studies show that ‘start-of-workday’ moods stay with you all day long and affect job performance and productivity. The more you focus on dread, the more it grows.

Indoor Summer Activities to Mix up Your Quarantine Routine

Our quarantine days may be routine, but they’re anything but normal. If you’re itching to mix up your routine this summer and try some new activities, this list is for you.  

Your Ultimate Guide to Working From Home Productively

But as anyone who has worked from home knows, it’s not as easy as it looks. Remote requires a different time management and communication, as well as additional resources.

Scientists Agree: Coffee Naps Are Better Than Coffee or Naps Alone

If you’re feeling sleepy and want to wake yourself up — and have 20 minutes or so to spare before you need to be fully alert — there’s something you should try. It’s more effective than drinking a cup of coffee or taking a quick nap.

Overwhelmed and Stressed? Why You May Be Feeling Crisis Fatigue

Although we initially respond well to a crisis by producing more stress hormones to help us deal with it, we can’t go on like this for a long time. We will eventually experience what is known as “crisis fatigue.”  

Making the Most of
Alone Time

Spending time alone doesn’t have to be a difficult experience. In fact, studies show that it can actually be good for you. Learn how to make the most of your time alone with a few simple tips.