Barkley’s Workplace Safety Series presents:

Lockout/Tagout Procedures

Failure to lockout, tag-out, and block-out (LOTO) machinery before working on it is a major cause of serious injuries and deaths. Workers can be electrocuted, suffer severe crushing injuries, and lose fingers, hands, and arms because machinery is inadvertently turned on while it is being cleaned, repaired, serviced, set-up, adjusted, or unjammed.

Having the right LOTO procedures in place and training your staff on those procedures is imperative in keeping your employees and facility safe. 

In addition to avoiding serious injuries, lockout-tagout is one of the top ten most frequently cited standards during worksite inspections in the United States, resulting in large fines to cited businesses.  There are over 3,000 citations for lockout-tagout violations a year.

In this OSHA-based educational webinar, we will train you and your staff on the following:

  • Why lockout/tagout programs are necessary
  • Types of hazardous energy
  • When a program must be developed
  • The procedures and steps the program must contain
  • Employer and employee roles and responsibilities
  • Program training and audit requirements

This is an interactive webinar where we encourage questions.  Sessions are available in both English and Spanish.  

All participants will receive a certificate of completion following this training. 

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