Wellbeing Newsletter – April 2022

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Foreword to Employers
Author Simon Sinek popularized the concept of “WHY” in his 2009 TED Talk where he said that while we don’t have the power to change others, we do have the power to be the leaders we wish we had. In fact, motivating and inspiring employees at work has never been more important, given the fierce competition for talent because of the “Great Resignation.”

With over one-third of employees actively searching for a new job, and almost half citing culture as the main reason for leaving, enhancing engagement and strengthening leadership can increase retention and inspire your employees to stay. Here’s how Alera Group partners with an organization to inspire healthy workplace cultures

Here’s The Content We’re Following
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Article: Understanding the Six Types of Workers Can Help You Beat the Great ResignationBelow you’ll find a copy of our April 2022 Wellbeing Newsletter to forward to employees, a downloadable poster and a digital resource landing page. We encourage you to share them with your employees!


Finding Inspiration and Motivation

April is a month of hope and renewal and often brings a resurgence of motivation to achieve personal and professional goals. From finishing your taxes and planting that garden to landing that promotion and cleaning your office, April is an ideal time to find the inspiration you need to make it happen. According to research, finding inspiration starts with a mindset! If you remain open to change, allowing yourself to be creative and look for inspiration in everyday life, you may have a head start on reaching bigger goals. In this issue, we’re exploring ways to tap into your muse.
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Just For Fun

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Holistic Wellbeing

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Monthly Observances

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